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Stone and brick protector

Absorbed into the substrate, our high performance coating protects interior and exterior stone and brick for a completely natural finish

A high performance water-based masonry protector and water repellent. Dries to a dead flat finish, which retains the natural look of the substrate. Protection of the surface begins immediately after application and is complete in approximately 24 hours.

Ideal for

Stone • plaster • brick • slate • flagstones • fireplaces • exposed stone walls • brick walls • stone window ledges

Unique qualities

Waterproofs brick and stone • suppresses formation of salts on natural masonry surfaces • improves weatherability • a moisture barrier – seals off the surface • resists penetration of grease, oil, acids, alkaline, salts • easily cleaned with mild soap and water

Porous Masonry surfaces allow rainwater penetration, which causes a number of problems. The water soaking into the surface causes damage to the masonry in a number of ways, and can bring minerals and salt to the surface which are then deposited as white efflorescence on masonry. Grime and dirt can then also penetrate the surface, making your masonry harder to keep clean. Heat loss through walls and internal damp can also increase as this takes place.


Here at Pro Point  we offer a range of Masonry stone protection products to act as a water repellent seal, combating the problems discussed above. Using the latest in fluorocarbon water repellent technology we can even guarantee some of our stone protection products for up to ten years. We also manufacture cleaners to remove oil, grim and efflorescent deposits.

Super seal  is a two coat polyoxo aluminum stearate based water seal. High solids stone protection with outstanding water repellency. Super seal has 100% breathable protection for stonework & brickwork. In soft brick Super seal penetrates up to 5 mm. As part of the Kingfisher pointing system we offer a 10 year guarantee with this product. For best results, apply 2 coats. Allow at least 24 hours after pointing you brick wall or stonework before applying Super seal.

Siloxane water repellent

Silicone Water Repellent” is a solvent borne waterproofing treatment for external brickwork, stonework, mortar joints and most porous facing materials above ground level. It is a penetrating

sealer which works by lining the capillary channels with a hydrophobic silicone barrier which greatly

reduces moisture absorption from rain and other moisture sources. The hydrophobic nature of

“Kingfisher Silicone Water Repellent” alsolets the building breathe and helps to keep building exteriors clean.


Our Latest Projects

Pro Point Southwest uses the latest technology, equipment and trained technicians. Our methods ensure a proper depth of rake of the old mortar and by using a mortar pump and gun system the new mortar is put back into the joint accurately and efficiently producing a lasting result.