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Non-Slip Resin Flooring is Common Sense:
However in most situations and indeed by law in the UK, this is generally regarded as a matter of common sense and therefore taking care to reduce the potential risk of any slip hazards; to provide or recommend suitable footwear or tyres; to give clear notification of any risk and to make all users of any given area aware of these risks.

In practise this also means to provide a degree of slip resistance on the floor, which is appropriate to that areas specific environment; plus to ensure that any finished floor treatments, such as cleaning and polishing regimes, are appropriate; then finally and perhaps most obviously to ensure that any spillages on the floor are quickly and thoroughly cleaned up.

A suitable non-slip floor surface for any given type of industrial or commercial area is usually best achieved by creating a slip resistant profile in the selected resin floor. This is done by using broadcast or incorporated specially graded sands, synthetic aggregates or polypropylene beads. This establishes a uniform surface profile that is sufficiently ‘profiled’ or textured to increase the slip resistance to the desired degree. The floor is still effectively also smooth and appropriately sealed to prevent creation of a dangerously rough and abrasive surface, plus this also allows easy cleaning in situations with wet conditions or spillages on the floor. Often selecting the size and grading of these aggregates is a matter for practical experience and a full understanding of the proposed non-slip resin floor materials and the areas specified requirements and standards.


Our Latest Projects

Pro Point Southwest uses the latest technology, equipment and trained technicians. Our methods ensure a proper depth of rake of the old mortar and by using a mortar pump and gun system the new mortar is put back into the joint accurately and efficiently producing a lasting result.